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For over 35 years PACLINE OVERHEAD CONVEYORS has been helping to improve productivity and efficiency for manufacturing operations and warehousing and distribution centers around the world. We offer a wide range of high quality, reliable conveyor systems and our experienced engineers bring innovative, custom design solutions to every job. PACLINE has successfully maintained its ISO 9001 certification since 2000 and has earned the reputation of being a leader in manufacturing, design engineering, installation and service of overhead conveyors. Our commitment to innovation, cost effectiveness, and customer service has helped shape PACLINE into one of the most trusted conveyor manufacturers in the world.

Conveyor Solutions

PACLINE provides conveyor systems designed for a wide range of industrial material handling operations including: parts handling, overhead storage and assembly lines in manufacturing and empty carton handling systems in distribution centers. Within the finishing industry, PACLINE conveyors have been used to move products through processing such as spray-painting, dip painting, plating, e-coating, powder coating, sandblasting and cleaning. Our conveyors are also designed for garment handling, and a range of unique retail, creative and entertainment industry applications.

Conveyor Products

PACLINE offers a range of overhead conveyor products including the signature PAC-LINE™, the heavy duty enclosed track PAC-MAX™ and an enclosed track Power and Free conveyor system. These conveyors are designed with standard, prefabricated, bolt together components which reduce the cost of installation and make future line modifications easier to accommodate. Other conveyors include the PAC-BEAM™ monorail conveyor, the PAC-TRAK™ towline system and the PAC-RAK™ vertical conveyor for enhanced cube utilization storage.


As a conveyor manufacturer, PACLINE has been delivering innovative material handling solutions to customers around the world since 1979. We strive to attain the highest standard of quality and excellence in the products we manufacture and we are known for this throughout the industry today. By engaging in continuous product development, we are able to manufacture conveyors of consistently high quality and ensure our customers receive the best systems available.


PACLINE’s team of engineers is dedicated to providing full technical service for our conveyors before, during and after setup. Our engineering methods are constantly upgraded, ensuring customers will always receive accurate, modern layout and installation drawings. Our in-house testing facility allows us to live-test and demonstrate unique system features and fine tune design elements to meet the precise needs and expectations of our customers.


PACLINE has installed more than 1.3 million feet of conveyors in over 30 countries. Our lead installers have an average of 13 years’ experience installing PACLINE conveyor systems. Whether you have a brand new facility install or a simple or complex addition or modification, our installation teams have the experience and expertise to complete your job as efficiently as possible. Just check out our testimonials page to read more about this from our customers!


We understand the unique needs of our customers and take extra measures to meet them, such as providing highly customized carriers and attachments for our overhead conveyor systems and equipment. We also maintain a large inventory at both of our facilities to guarantee the fastest possible turnaround times. Customer convenience and satisfaction is a number one priority at PACLINE, and we take every step necessary to provide the best possible service.


Understanding Power and Free Conveyors

In manufacturing and assembly line operations, Power and Free conveyors have been used to streamline and automate processes such as painting, curing, sequencing and buffer storage. Here is a detailed look at all of the components that make this unique overhead conveyor system work.


Committed to Constant Improvement

Purchasing a conveyor system is an important investment. We want you feel confident that if we have a product suited to your application, you will be 100% satisfied with your investment. Learn about our Customer Satisfaction Thermometer and how we track customer satisfaction on every project we do.


Overhead Conveyor System Basics

This video contains a basic overview and features of an overhead conveyor system. The PAC-LINE™ Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor is a highly compact, medium capacity, chain conveyor with unique features to allow for maximum conveying flexibility.