I-Beam Conveyors


Since the time of the first automobile, I-Beam overhead conveyors have brought increased efficiency to production lines. Using this proven design, PACLINE has developed the PAC-BEAM™ I-Beam conveyor with improved components for low cost conveying in a wide range of applications. PACLINE's PAC-BEAM™ overhead monorail conveyors are proven to provide the lowest "cost per lb. of capacity" of all overhead conveyors.

Other features:

  • Available in 3", 4" and 6" conveyor track heights.
  • Heavy duty forged chain and trolleys.
  • PACLINE manufactures to industry standards so components are easily interchangeable with most other manufacturers.
  • Welded design for rugged, long term use.
  • Drop forged, rivetless chain is highly flexible and requires no tools for assembly.
  • Open track and chain design, all components are exposed and visible.

Additional PACLINE components improve versatility:

  • Wheel turns from 18" to 30" radius.
  • Roller turns of 18" to 60" radius.
  • In-line drives or sprocket turn drives capable of pulling thousands of feet of chain with variable speeds.
  • A full line of I-beam trolley assemblies and attachments can be selected to meet your specific application needs.

PACLINE's 3", 4" and 6" I-beam monorail conveyors are amongst the most commonly used overhead conveyors in the industry.

I-Beam monorail trolley conveyor at work.

View more photos of the PAC-BEAM™ Monorail Trolley Conveyor At Work

Typical PAC-BEAM™ conveyor applications include:


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