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Advantages of a Vertical Carousel Conveyor


vertical carousel conveyor

Vertical carousels or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)  are used for the storage of products. These items are typically placed on hanging bars or trays that move up and down; hence ‘vertical’ storage as the name. These bars can also hold customized carriers to support specific products/parts. Vertical carousel units are a great way to utilize unused overhead space in a warehouse or plant, while also taking up minimal floor space. The units can also be customized to specific heights and capacities.

For instance, our  PAC-RAK™ vertical conveyor offers high capacity storage, holding up to 12,000 lbs.

Vertical carousel conveyors can also have a number of different control options ranging from automated storage and retrieval to simple up/down push buttons making this conveyor one that is easily tailored to an application’s individual needs.  There are many different applications for a vertical conveyor. Here is a list of a few typical uses:

Vertical Carousel Conveyor Applications:

  • Spare parts storage
  • Cooling of parts
  • Storage of dies
  • Storage of various items for order picking
  • Carpet and flooring storage and retrieval
  • Wire and cable storage and retrieval
  • Clothing storage and retrieval


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