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Automated Uniform Distribution System Case Study

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Case Studies, Garment Handling

Seneca Niagara Casino & Resort is a large full-amenity resort located in Niagara Falls, New York. The property features 604 rooms and suites with ten restaurants, seven shops, more than 2,500 slots, and over 80 table games. 

Seneca Casinos contacted Pacline for a new Automated Uniform Distribution System (AUDS) to handle their staffs’ uniform storage and retrieval. Seneca already had a uniform conveyor system in place, but it was old, breaking down, and the operating system was out-of-date. Therefore, a complete replacement was the best solution. 

The Challenge

The old uniform system was failing, and the operating software was running on Windows 95. Whenever staff wanted to take out their uniforms, a locking mechanism would often fail and would have to be manually repaired

Seneca needed to update the computer’s operating software, but the original system’s manufacturer would not replace just the computer system or update the software. Seneca was told they had to replace the entire conveyor system. At that point, they started to research alternate equipment and contacted Pacline for a solution. 


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The Solution

Seneca has two rooms dedicated to uniform storage and retrieval. Pacline removed the old system in both rooms and installed three conveyors in its place. The first room has one conveyor and one control system that stores up to 300 locker bags. The second room has two conveyors and a separate control system with two conveyors that can store up to 750 locker bags.

There is a kiosk with access door at the front of each room for each conveyor that allows the employees retrieve their own locker bag. The system operates on a barcode scanning system. The employee scans their ID card at the kiosk and the Pacline control system moves the employee’s locker back to the access door.  When the locker bag is in position, the access door unlocks and allows the employee to open to add or remove contents from their locker bagThe Pacline control system has a manual method for retrieval if the employee ID does not read properly.  

The PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor is an enclosed track that increases the conveyor’s cleanliness and safety, one of Seneca’s leading causes of concern. The Pacline conveyor chain and other moving parts are enclosed or otherwise protected from accidental contact by employees. The new control system operates using a Microsoft SQL database and Windows 10 operating software.

The Results

Seneca was thrilled with the installation and function of the new Automated Uniform Distribution System. Pacline increased the safetand cleanliness of the system. With the upgraded modular design, Seneca has the option for future expansion as their business grows. 

All in all, employees were happy with the reliability of the Pacline sytsem and enjoy using the new software. The maintenance staff no longer need to be on standby to deal with breakdowns or safety issues, and employees can retrieve uniforms on their own.