Automotive Parts Storage Conveyors

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Pacline offers overhead conveyor solutions for high-density storage systems with FIFO characteristics to allow the largest amount of automotive parts to be stored in the least amount of space. This is achieved by taking the automotive parts off the shop floor and utilizing the volume of the building. Below is an example of how an overhead conveyor solution can make automotive parts storage more efficient.

Automotive Parts Handled

Instrument Panel Substrate (Plastic Skeleton)

Example Project Goals

1. Need to store approximately 400 automotive parts
2. Minimize floor space used for storage
3. Minimize cost

Example Conveyor Solution

Using our cost-effective PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor the operator would simply hook the instrument panel onto the overhead conveyor, which could be moving continuously or indexing. The automotive parts would fill the bottom level of the conveyor and then continue up to the second level or even third. When the buffer of parts reach the unload area, the operator would simply remove the part for use.

384 Instrument Panels in only 1200 ft²

The same approach is used for car frame components, in this case, 400 parts in only 584 sq ft.


Pacline Conveyor Advantages

        • Utilize unused overhead space
        • Bolt together -no welding required
        • Easy installation
        • Minimize floor space footprint
        • Increase parts storage efficiency

Efficient and Reliable Automotive Parts Storage Solutions

Contact one of our engineers to learn more about our different styles of enclosed track overhead conveyors today! Phone: 1-800-955-8860 Email:

Round Track Conveyor

The PAC-LINE™ is a enclosed track overhead monorail conveyor designed for maximum conveying flexibility in small spaces. 50 lbs. per pendant.

Power and Free Conveyor

PACLINE’s Power and Free conveyors provide asynchronous conveying. Each load-carrying trolley set can stop and start independently and move the loads at different speeds.

Cross Track Conveyor

The PAC-MAX™ is a heavy-duty enclosed track conveyor that features a unique cross “+” shaped track for exceptional load stability. 220 lbs. per trolley.

I-Beam Trolley Conveyor

To convey heavy loads cost effectively consider an I-Beam Conveyor With heavy duty forged chain and trolleys available in 3”, 4” and 6” track heights.


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