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Three-tier Buffer Zone Accumulation Conveyor

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Three-Tier buffer zone accumulation of instrument panels for just in time shipment.

Three-Tier buffer zone accumulation of instrument panels for just in time shipment.

Some 4,500 feet of overhead conveyor at Guelph Products, Guelph, Ontario, efficiently handle instrument panels for just-in-time (JIT) shipment to their main Chrysler assembly plant at Brampton, Ontario.

Five overhead conveyors from Pacline Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, convey instrument panels, door panels and steering columns for the Chrysler Eagle Premier through the many manufacturing and assembly stages.

Buffer zone accumulation is accomplished in a three-tier area 85 ft. by 30 ft. by 24 ft. high. Divided into two sections, the lower level accumulation instrument panels between the first and second sub-assembly stages. The two upper levels are the storage line holding up to 1 ½ days of sub-assembled panels.

Vehicle Build Orders (VBOs) arrive by computer printout from the Brampton plant. Panels are transferred to the final assembly line for customized assembly, assuring 4-hour JIT delivery to the main plant.

An enclosed track design, with the conveyor chain traveling inside the round tubular conveyor track, protects the chain and lubricant. Small radius curves for horizontal and vertical travel are standard, fitting the conveyor into space saving layouts.

Alemite Oil Mist Lubricators were installed on each of the five conveyors. Each lubricator has three jets, which direct an extremely fine oil mist to the conveyor chain, precisely where required. Automatic timers were supplied with each lubricator.

The panels are removed from the third-level storage to where the VBOs are received and the operator transfers the instrument panels to the final assembly conveyor.

Material Handling Engineering July, 1990


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