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Pacline conveyor testing facility header image

Overhead Monorails for Order Fulfillment in Warehouses and Distributions Centers

Pacline Customer Conveyor Testing Facility

PACLINE has been providing innovative and reliable conveyor solutions to a wide range of industries for over 35 years. Our conveyor equipment and components have been developed using the highest standards of quality and the results can be seen in factories and warehouses around the world. As part of our ongoing effort to ensure we provide the most effective engineered material handling solutions in every system we sell, we have expanded our permanent customer test facility at our head office location.

This conveyor testing facility allows us to demonstrate our conveyor products to new customers not familiar with our equipment or to test unique set ups and carriers for handling specific products.

Fixed conveyor test loops

By visiting our permanent on-site testing facility, customers can get a first hand and up close look at how our conveyors work in handling their particular product and better understand how our conveyors may be utilized for their application.

Conveyor test loops

A small conveyor test loop can be set up at our facility or yours. This test loop may be used to demonstrate or test a unique configuration or specific part handling process or to help get internal buy off on the full system.

Some recent conveyor testing activities at PACLINE:

  • Unique integrated dumping station to handle tires for recycling
  • Load and unload of cartons at a pecan packing operation
  • Height adjustment of carriers to ensure best ergonomics for workers
  • Custom carrier designed to handle unique parts
  • Carrier and part handling for safety testing