Overhead Conveyor Improves Carton Delivery

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overhead conveyor improves peach carton deliveryWhen P.G. Enns Farms in Niagara-on-the-Lake decided to upgrade sorting equipment for their peach packing operation, they quickly realized that they also needed to improve their system for delivering empty cartons to the packers. That’s when they called Pacline Overhead Conveyors, Mississauga, Ontario.

Although Enns Farms did have a basic monorail system to carry empty cartons, this old system was now incompatible with the new sorting equipment.

They replaced the simple monorail with a PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor system. It features a universal chain inside an enclosed tubular track. The new conveyor track, which can handle steep elevation changes and tight curves, was precisely designed to take empty cartons from the carton-forming area, over and around the new sorting equipment and then back down to a level convenient to the peach packing operators on the floor.
This system allowed the floor to be clear and uncluttered of cartons and packing material, adhering to the highest standards of food and operator safety.

Robb Enns says that the PAC-LINE™ fruit packing system has improved productivity for their packing operation. “It is such a simple system, I don’t know why everyone in this business doesn’t have one.”

Published in The Grower , September 2011


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