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PACLINE Partner Support


PACLINE is committed to supporting our conveyor resellers and integrators. This page is dedicated to providing you with the newest information on PACLINE conveyor products and applications and other tools to help you represent our products. All of of the materials below can be viewed here or conveniently downloaded to share with your customers or others in your organization. As new tools and materials are developed, we will use this page to give you exclusive access to these resources. If there is any specific information that we can help you with now, please contact our sales and engineering department at

Case Studies

distribution center overhead conveyor casestudy.Large Distribution Center Case Study
Overhead empty carton delivery for Under Armour distribution center.

Overhead conveyor customer success with installationIntegrator Success Story
Finishing integrator finds it easy to install our conveyors.

PaxMax Paint Finishing Case Study-1Plastic Parts Paint Finishing Case Study
PAC-MAX™ conveyor system replaces typical chain on edge spindle conveyor.

Cylinder Case Study-1Cylinder Finishing Case Study
Simple automation improves productivty by 50%.

Long Parts Case Study-1Long Parts in Manufacturing Case Study
Conveyor moves parts up to 50 feet long through multiple processes.

GemThane Case Study-1Unique Wood Paint Process Case Study
Conveyor with custom carriers improves output for wood finishing operation.

Kleinfeld Case Study-1Kleinfeld Garment Handling Case Study
Clean, quiet and safe – the storage and retrieval system for garment handling.

inverted automotive parts finishing case studyInverted Power and Free Case Study
Power and Free conveyor for automotive parts finishing.

gas meter finishing case studyGas Meter Finishing Case Study
Increase production capacity for gas meter paint finishing system.

toronto south detention centre case studyToronto South Detention Case Study
Inmate property storage system for Canada’s second largest jail.



Photo Cards

General Material Handling Photo Card 1-1General Material Handling
Brief summaries of some recent PACLINE conveyor installations.

Paint and Finishing Photo Card 1-1Paint and Finishing
Some recent PACLINE conveyor installations for paint finishing operations.

general material handling conveyor photosGeneral Material Handling 2
More recent PACLINE conveyor installations for paint finishing operations.

paint and finishing conveyor application photosPaint and Finishing 2
More recent PACLINE conveyor installations for paint finishing operations.

Conveyor Overview Card

Conveyor Overview Card final-1Conveyor Products and Applications
A quick overview of PACLINE conveyor products and key application areas.


Coming Soon:

Pacline’s Design Guide

“We like the Pacline product line because it is simple to design and sell.  And when we sell to a customer, we can get in and out very quickly.  There are very few issues that come up that would prevent us from getting our final payment in the time expected”.

Juan Martinez
Conveyors and Materials Handling