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Examples of Environmentally Responsible Conveyor Projects

Apr 22, 2016 | Blog

Environmentally Responsible Conveyor Projects

Happy Earth Day 2016! Never has concern for our environment been more top of mind than it is today. For many consumers and corporations, it has become a moral obligation to adopt processes and practices that reduce environmental impact.

At PACLINE we have had the unique opportunity to work with a number of companies who truly reflect this commitment to reducing their negative impact on the environment.  These organizations have also ‘opened our eyes’ to some fascinating products that have developed from this commitment. So in light of Earth Day, we thought we should share several customer cases that focus on industries and products created out of environmental responsibility.

Turning Tires into Tiles and More

Since 2009 Ontario tire recyclers such as Emterra have helped create thousands of jobs, and over 50 million tires have been diverted from landfills to produce useful products such as floor tiles, automotive products and garden mulch. By utilizing a PAC-MAX™ heavy duty overhead conveyor system Emterra improved efficiency in their sorting and recycling plant allowing them to increase their throughput from 3,500 to 7,000 tires per day!

Farming that is Growing ‘UP’

The movement towards more sustainable agriculture aimed at reducing waste and water consumption has led to many innovative practices and huge expansion in indoor growing. For instance, the vertical growing system developed by Urban Produce in Irvine, Californina operates the equivalence of 16 acres of traditional farming within a 1/8 acre footprint, year round, and  with 90% less water! PACLINE provided the I-Beam overhead conveyor that supports this unique High Density Vertical Growing System.  Our I-Beam conveyor was able to transport the maximum number of growing trays within the small footprint. Urban Produce’s alternative to traditional farming has helped to reduce environmental strains while offering consumers a product that is fresher and of a higher nutritional value.

Saving the Environment One Box at a Time

Did you know that corrugated cardboard is one of easiest materials to recycle. Any recycling effort will have a “ripple effect” that saves on energy and other resources, including the limited natural resources, required to make the material. An automated system for removal of corrugated cardboard  in your warehouse or distribution center can save space and at the same time reduce waste. Our PAC-LINE™ enclosed track conveyor has been installed in numerous facilities to provide an efficient method for moving empty trash cartons from the source to a compaction system for recycling.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these companies and conveyor systems that reflect some great opportunities for working toward better environmental responsibility.

Did you know this fun fact about our PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor? Running the PAC-LINE™ consumes less power than a typical hair dryer!


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