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Overhead Conveyors For Apple Packing Operations

by | Empty Carton and Totes, Fruit and Vegetable Packing, News

Conveying empty cartons over fruit packing equipmentHandling and delivering empty cartons in packing facilities can be a challenge. Cartons need to be transported from the carton forming area in one part of the plant to the packing area in another part. And, the packing area is always one of busiest and most congested.

This fruit packing operation used the PAC-LINE™overhead conveyor system to transport empty cartons can address these challenges and actually reduced labor costs.

With a wide range of standard vertical and horizontal curves, the PAC-LINE™ system can be set up to take virtually any desired path, whether it is up, over or around existing equipment or just getting from one area of the facility to another.

Delivering cartons directly to the packing line means packers are not walking away from the packing line to source cartons and are not encumbered with stacks of boxes in the packing area.

The PAC-LINE™ enclosed track overhead conveyor offers a full range of standard, pre-flanged components which makes the design and installation process simple.

Other features of The PAC-LINE™ conveyor:

  • Bolt together construction, no welding
  • All components are zinc plated


Published on, February 2012


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