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16 Step Guide for Preparing an Overhead Conveyor Layout

May 23, 2017 | Blog

16 steps to designing an overhead conveyor layout

After a thorough analysis of your requirements, PACLINE prepares detailed overhead conveyor layout drawings for your approval.  However, should you wish to prepare your own overhead conveyor layout drawing, please use the following as a guideline:

1. Locate overhead conveyor path. Keep parallel conveyor paths as close as possible to simplify installation.

2. Locate equipment, workstations, aisles, columns, walls, load and unload areas, etc.

3. Make a material flow diagram indicating the quantity of material to be handled per minute or hour.

4. Determine the most convenient weight and/or the number of pieces to be handled per carrier to establish tentative carrier size and shape.

5. Determine the number of carriers per minute or hour.

6. Determine the method of attaching overhead conveyors or supports to your building.

7. Determine the maximum incline angle for vertical curves.

8. Select horizontal curve radius. (Curves 24” radius or larger will reduce chain pull)

9. Verify all clearances, both horizontal and vertical.

10. Select tentative track elevations with respect to the bottom of the track.

11. Draw overhead conveyor layout to the largest possible scale. Indicate north direction.

12. Allow a minimum of 8” straight between tangent and vertical and/or horizontal bends.

13. Calculate total chain length. For calculation of chain length on horizontal plane, compute straight dimensions to include all curves. For chain length calculation in vertical inclines, refer to elevation change charts.

14. Always position your drive at the highest elevation to pull the load.

15. Always position the take-up at a low point directly after the drive and avoid curves between the drive and the take-up.

16. Always allow a safety margin when choosing hanging centers.

Contact us, a world-leading overhead conveyor company, for any further inquiries and/or additional information regarding the steps for preparing your layout.


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