Assembly Line Conveyor Case Studies

Inverted Assembly Line Conveyor

Overhead conveyors adapted for floor mounting help keep things moving smoothly at Shadwood Enterprise Limited. The company’s new production facility in North Bay, Ontario manufactures automatic portable battery charger units. From the beginning, Shadwood management...

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Overhead Conveyor Streamlines Production

Nearly 1 mile of overhead, enclosed conveyor track at Guelph Products links sequential manufacturing steps and provides transport of parts to a just-in-time (JIT) staging area prior to shipment. The track is installed at Geulph Products’ 200,000 sq. ft....

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Two Jobs, One Conveyor

The Challenge When a leading automotive parts manufacturer needed to install a powder coating line for condenser coils, they had two issues to resolve: First, they needed to conserve both the floor space and oven size as much as possible. Secondly, they needed to have...

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Length Matters

Moving long parts through multiple processes in manufacturing. Ever notice the size of those overhead highway signs that we all rely on to get ourselves to where we need to go?  As a manufacturer or material handling organization you may wonder how items such as these...

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Powered Over/Under Conveyor for Assembly Line

Cardwell Westinghouse is a company whose history goes back over 100 years. The original Westinghouse Air Brake Company was founded by George Westinghouse in 1869. Westinghouse developed the first automatic air brake system that was installed on a Pennsylvania Railroad...

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Specialized Conveyors: A Production Manager’s Dream

When Shadwood Enterprises Ltd., a manufacturer of portable battery charger units, opened its new plant in North Bay, Ontario, management wanted a single conveyor to move goods throughout production. They installed an inverted, floor mounted conveyor that carried the...

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