Parts Accumulation and WIP Conveyor Case Studies

Automotive Parts Accumulation Conveyor System

Under-body frame parts for the Auto Industry are successfully handled on this Pacline Overhead Conveyor. These irregular- shaped metal stampings convey smoothly between welding operations by being handled on the PAC-LINE™ enclosed track overhead conveyor as shown. Two...

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Compact Conveyor for Efficient Parts Accumulation

Overhead Conveyor Keeps Floor Space Clear Metalworking Production and Purchasing, 1988 Irregular metal stampings, such as these under-body frame parts for the auto industry, are successfully handled and transported between welding operations by an overhead conveyor....

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Three-tier Buffer Zone Accumulation Conveyor

Some 4,500 feet of overhead conveyor at Guelph Products, Guelph, Ontario, efficiently handle instrument panels for just-in-time (JIT) shipment to their main Chrysler assembly plant at Brampton, Ontario. Five overhead conveyors from Pacline Corporation, Mississauga,...

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Traditional Sausage Business Goes High Tech

Kitchen Kuttings is a small business located in the Mennonite community of Elmira, Ontario. Owned by three Old Order Mennonite women, Kitchen Kuttings began as a small shop selling cheese and homemade products such as jams, pickles, maple syrup and their own homemade...

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Overhead Conveyor Streamlines Production

Nearly 1 mile of overhead, enclosed conveyor track at Guelph Products links sequential manufacturing steps and provides transport of parts to a just-in-time (JIT) staging area prior to shipment. The track is installed at Geulph Products’ 200,000 sq. ft....

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