Woodworking Operations Case Studies

Conveyor Offers Many Advantages to Woodworking

An overhead conveyor offers many advantages over other methods of moving parts between various manufacturing operations. It can transport items through areas not accessible to workers, such as automatic spray booths and drying ovens, or where hazardous conditions...

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Inexpensive Overhead Conveyor for Small Wood Shop

Small shop owners don’t realize the tremendous payback they can enjoy by adding a paint line conveyor to their operation. I recently attended the AWFS show in Las Vegas, where I met over 200 wood industry professionals, many of whom were the owners of small shops....

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Overhead Conveyors for Small Wood Shops

When it was time for expansion this wood finisher thought ‘over the top’. Small and mid-sized furniture manufacturers are often threatened with high volume, low margin orders, meanwhile, small facilities and manual handling methods can lead to disastrous...

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