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Empty Box Monorail Delivery System for a Major Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures Company

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Case Studies, Empty Carton and Totes

Automated Empty Carton Delivery System

The Challenge

In the competitive world of distribution and warehousing, efficiency and optimization are key. A leading bathroom and kitchen fixtures company faced a significant challenge in their new Las Vegas distribution center: how to streamline the delivery of empty boxes to packing areas. The traditional manual methods were time-consuming and labor-intensive, leading to bottlenecks in the packing process. Additionally, the distribution center needed to comply with seismic equipment requirements. The goal was to find a solution that could integrate seamlessly with their AutoStore system and improve overall efficiency while considering the safety and ergonomic needs of the workforce.

The Solution

Pacline in collaboration with a trusted integrator known for warehouse optimization, engineered and installed a 600′ monorail system. This system was designed with the PAC-LINE™ an enclosed track with bolt-together construction, ensuring easy installation. The conveyor was strategically positioned alongside the AutoStore system, running above equipment to save floor space and descending to an ergonomic level at packing areas for easy access by workers.

One of the key innovations of this project was the development of a custom double hook carrier, tailored to accommodate four different sizes of boxes used by the client. This flexibility ensured that a range of box sizes could be transported efficiently without the need for manual adjustment or intervention. The system’s variable speed control, capable of running between 12-60 feet per minute, allowed for adaptability to varying workflow demands.

Automated Box Delivery System
Automated Carton Delivery System

The Result

The automated delivery of empty boxes to the packing areas significantly reduced manual labor, accelerated packing processes, and minimized bottlenecks. The ergonomic design of the conveyor path at the packers’ areas improved worker comfort and efficiency, reducing the risk of strain and injury.

Moreover, the custom double hook carrier proved highly effective in handling different box sizes, enhancing the system’s use. The variable speed feature allowed the operators to adjust the flow of boxes according to real-time demands, further optimizing their operations. As a result of this project, the client witnessed an improvement in overall efficiency.


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