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Overhead Conveyor Customer Success Story

by | Case Studies, Paint and Finishing

New integrator finds PACLINE conveyors easy to install for paint finishing customer

A discussion with Art Koch of Unified Technologies

Unified Technologies, Cleveland, Ohio

Unified Technologies in Cleveland, Ohio has provided high quality shot blast equipment, washers, spare parts, technical support, service, and blast media since 1999. They provide a full range of shot blast and wash systems to handle the wide variety of customer applications.

Art Koch, president of Unified Technologies was looking for the best conveyor product to recommend for his customer, Advanced Gas and Welding Solutions LLC. Advanced Gas and Welding Solutions needed to find a way to increase production by automating their process for painting gas propane bottles.

Koch started with an on-line search and came across PACLINE’s video called Overhead Conveyor System Basics.  This gave him a quick overview of PACLINE’s overhead conveyors and led him to another video that very specifically demonstrated the exact application his customer was looking for!  – Wet Spray Finishing Conveyor System for Painting Propane Bottles.

We asked Art to tell us about his first experience with PACLINE Overhead Conveyors.


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What were your customer’s requirements of the new conveyor system?

“The new conveyor was required to replace the existing manual paint system at Advance Gas and Welding Solutions. The paint finishing line included a propane bottle washer as well as a paint booth. Our customer required a complete system that would fully integrate the propane tank cleaning and painting processes.

Koch was unfamiliar with PACLINE and in fact had not ever sold a conveyor of this sort before. After reviewing the PACLINE website and a few product videos, Koch could see that the PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor could do what his customer required.
Koch said, “What really helped us to go with PACLINE was Dave Seto, the Sales Manager. Dave answered all of our questions, and explained all of the options and told us what we needed to consider for our application. Then Yousif Hirmiz, the Project Engineer helped with the shipping arrangements, and also helped us with the install as we had a few questions regarding initial layout and assembly.”

How did PACLINE assist you in determining the best conveyor solution for you / your customer?

“Dave Seto collected all of our requirements, and sent us layout drawings, with PACLINE conveyor component parts and description details, which really helped to visualize how the system would work. This process did require many e-mail and phone conversations, but it was necessary to ensure that the customer received exactly what they required for their application, and that we would not have problems or delays during the install.”

The PAC-LINE™ conveyor was easy to install

The final system for Advanced Gas and Welding was a single conveyor loop  – 192 feet of PAC-LINE™ enclosed track overhead conveyor track and curves. The entire system was powered by a single drive unit. Standard rotators were used to hang the propane tanks and to rotate them automatically through the spray paint booth. The bolt-together design of the PAC-LINE™ conveyor track and curves saved significant costs on installation as there was no welding required. This feature also meant that the PAC-LINE™ system could be easily assembled and installed – even by integrators or end-users who may be unfamiliar with this type of conveyor.

Pacline project engineer

Yousif – PACLINE Project Engineer

How did PACLINE support you after the system was purchased?

“Like I mentioned above, Yousif arranged the transportation with the customer. Yousif then was our main contact during the assembly process. We did talk with him during our assembly a few times and his knowledge was greatly appreciated!”




What was the biggest challenge for you on this project?

“Since this was our first install of any kind for an overhead conveyor system, we needed some basic starting information. Yousif told us to build the system as we go, whereas I thought to assemble the monorail entirely on the floor. Yousif explained that this would be a big problem trying to lift it onto the posts. He was correct and we had no problems following his instructions!”

What was the final result of this installation? What did your customer have to say?

“Mike Ripple Jr., at Advanced Gas is very happy with their results! They have increased their painting operation, in fact what used to take 8 hours now can be done in under 30 minutes and they are only at about half the speed of the conveyor! Outstanding, with a lot of room for future growth!”