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Overhead Conveyor for Over-the-Top Children’s Store

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Kids Cavern is 35,000 square feet of children’s toys, electronics, candy, high-end clothing and gifts in an environment designed to entertain and wow children and adults alike.

Located in the Sands Cotai Central complex in Macau China, this spectacular space was designed by Christian Jochman of Callison Designs in Seattle, Washington.

Pacline Overhead Conveyors was called in by the engineering team of Dillon Works who were responsible for adding the animation and theatrical effects that brought this dazzling space to life.

The Challenge

In the toy area of Kids Cavern, the Callison design included a unique curved, powered conveyor track integrated into the ceiling area. The track needed to move large toy helicopters and other objects in a large specific multi-diameter loop.

CAD Drawing of overhead conveyor for retail display

PACLINE has installed numerous overhead conveyors in retail settings over the years. However, as is the case with all PACLINE installations – no two jobs are the same and Kids Cavern was no exception.

When PACLINE engineers reviewed the design drawings it was apparent that the track curve requirements were ‘unique’ and standard PAC-LINE™ curves were not going to meet the specs. Dillon confirmed that the curve requirements of the ceiling track had been an issue with other suppliers who were unable to meet the specific requirements of the project.

The Solution

The PAC-LINE™ Overhead Conveyor

The PAC-LINE™ enclosed conveyor was deemed ideal for this project. The low profile enclosed track is quiet and easy to install in virtually any environment. Also, the PAC-LINE™ product line offers standard track and curves and all parts are bolt together with no welding required, further simplifying the installation.

By far the majority of PACLINE conveyor projects, for any industry, can be handled using the standard PAC-LINE™ track and curves. However, PACLINE also has the expertise to produce custom manufactured components. For the Kids Cavern toy store, PACLINE manufactured the custom curves to meet the precise specifications of the design.


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Monorail conveyor for toy store

 Jobs such as this in the retail and entertainment industry often pose unique situations that are not typical in the industrial installations.

In the case of Kids Cavern, there were several:

  • Unique ceiling construction required the PACLINE conveyor attachments be spaced and located to meet the point loading requirements
  • Special consideration had to be given the best placement of the single drive required to run this conveyor system.
  • The track itself needed to be disguised in the ceiling and therefore the customer requested it be powder coated white prior to shipping.
  • A secondary cover was manufactured by the customer with some design advice and unique hardware, both supplied by PACLINE


Experience with international installations adds to the success of this unique project

Pacline’s extensive experience in producing, supplying and installing conveyors internationally was important on this project. From their understanding of the international electrical requirements to their selection of quality components available which could be supported in foreign markets locally over the long run, PACLINE proved their motto that they go OVER AND ABOVE THE REST.

The Results

The PACLINE overhead conveyor continues to work long hours and 7 days a week adding to the overall AWWWESOME experience at Kids Cavern in Macau, China.