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Pacline Reduces Energy Consumption

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Pacline goes VeriGreen


Since moving to a larger facility several years ago, PACLINE Overhead Conveyors has looked at ways to improve energy efficiency.

For Karl Scholz, president of Pacline Overhead Conveyors, “improving energy efficiency or reducing energy consumption is something everyone should be thinking about – corporations and individual citizens. Energy costs money and has numerous adverse environmental effects – who can afford NOT to think about this?”

At PACLINE a number of simple changes were made upon moving to their new facility such as: replacing all entry door seals, ensuring the large garage doors were adequately sealed and replacing light bulbs where possible.

This year, with hydro costs predicted to climb, PACLINE decided to enlist the help of outside expertise to get advice on what more could be done to reduce the office and warehouse energy use.

PACLINE contacted VeriGreen, an Energy Management Company located in Waterloo, Ontario to review their options.
In most companies, lighting is one of largest sources of wasted energy consumption – it is also one of the simplest to reduce and this is where it was determined that PACLINE could benefit.

PACLINE chose VeriGreen T5 fluorescent adaptors that were retro-fit into 112 overhead fixtures in PACLINE’s office and warehouse. This allowed PACLINE to reuse their current fixtures and simply replace the less efficient T12 light bulbs with the energy efficient T5 bulbs.

PACLINE also learned that Ontario hydro offers rebates for implementing energy saving measures as a further incentive for companies to invest in changes that will reduce energy use and costs.

The results:

  • 53% reduction in kilowatt hours (50% cost savings on hydro bill)
  • 100% longer product (bulb) life (further cost savings over time)
  • 11.5 tons less CO2 per year
  • The equivalent of planting 528 trees every year.

Through VeriGreen’s program, an independent audit of the retro-fit was conducted pre and post installation which gave PACLINE a rebate of $3600 or 1/3 of the cost of implementation.

Press Release, November 2012



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