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Overhead Monorails for Order Fulfillment in Warehouses and Distributions Centers

Conveyor Products

Overhead Monorail Conveyors, Power & Free Systems, Inverted Conveyors and More.

Overhead monorail conveyor with modular track components for easy installation

PAC-LINE™ Overhead Conveyor

The PAC-LINE™ is a medium capacity, enclosed track overhead monorail conveyor designed for maximum conveying flexibility in small spaces. This conveyor system is best suited for “slot down” applications where the load is beneath the conveyor track.

Power and free conveyor provides asynchronous conveying so items can move at different speeds

Power & Free Conveyor

PACLINE’s Power and Free conveyors are enclosed track chain conveyors developed to provide asynchronous conveying. This dual track system allows for each load-carrying trolley set to stop and start independently from the powered chain and to move the loads at different speeds.

High capacity conveyor can products weighing up to 220 lbs. from a single pendant

PAC-MAX™ High Capacity Conveyor

The PAC-MAX™ is a heavy-duty enclosed track conveyor that features a unique cross “+” shaped track for exceptional load stability. This conveyor can be inverted or rotated sideways as an excellent alternative to the typical spindle conveyors for long paint lines.

Overhead monorail conveyor with modular track components for easy installation

Unibilt® Monorail Conveyors

PACLINE is a licensed distributor / integrator for Jervis B. Webb Unibilt® conveyors. The Unibilt® monorail conveyor systems are well suited for medium duty conveyor applications such as paint lines, assembly lines and parts storage. The Unibilt® conveyor products offered are Square Enclosed Track, Power & Free, Over and Under, and Wide-Trak™ conveyors.

Overhead I-Beam monorail conveyor system is a low cost option for high capacity conveying

I-Beam Monorail Conveyor

To convey heavy loads cost effectively consider the I-Beam monorail conveyor from PACLINE. With heavy duty forged chain and trolleys, the PAC-BEAM™ is available in 3”, 4” and 6” track heights. We offer a full line of customized I-beam trolley assemblies and attachments.

Garment conveyor carries hanging clothing items for coat check and retail clothing displays.

Garment Handling Conveyor

The compact, modular design of the PACLINE™ Garment conveyor system allows for a variety of configurations to suit your specific garment handling application. The enclosed track design eliminates dangerous pinch points common in other conveyor designs.

Beam trolleys with precision wheels available in one quarter and up to 1 ton carrying capacity

PAC-TRAK™ Towline Conveyor

PACLINE offers a variety of towline floor conveyors. This dolly or 4-wheeled cart system is built with custom top platens, designed to hold, rotate, and convey large or awkward shaped items through paint lines or assembly line processes.

Low cost, non-powered conveyor system for parts accumulation or buffering between processes.

Gravity Assisted Manual Conveyor

For parts accumulation and storage applications, PACLINE has developed a cost effective, non-powered, gravity rail system. Consider the Over Under design for a simple load and unload parts buffer and delivery solution.

Vertical carousel conveyor system for storage and retrieval of cable and wires

PAC-RAK™ Vertical Storage Conveyor

The PAC-RAK™ vertical carousel conveyor can create space efficient, high-density storage and enhanced cube utilization in various manufacturing, warehouse and retail store applications.

Control system to locate and retrieve items on an ASRS overhead conveyor.

The Retriever™ (ASRS)

The Pacline Retriever™ is an inexpensive control station that allows an operator to locate and retrieve any item that is hanging from the conveyor. Applications include: printing die and pattern storage, inmate property and uniform storage and retrieval.

Beam trolleys with precision wheels available in one quarter and up to one ton carrying capacity.

I-Beam Hand-Pushed Trolleys

PACLINE offers superior quality overhead I-beam trolleys with low friction precision load wheels. Tolleys are adaptable to various I-beam sizes and in load ratings up to 1 ton capacity. Quantities of 1-10 Pacline trolleys can be ordered directly through