Simple control system for automated storage and retrieval conveyor.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) 

Pacline Overhead Conveyors has developed an HMI (human machine interface) that could be used to convert any standard powered overhead conveyor into an automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS).

The PACLINE Retriever™ is a simple and inexpensive control station arrangement that will allow an operator to locate and retrieve ANY item that may be hanging from the conveyor. The applications are numerous; clothing, uniforms, printing dies, paint racks, patterns and molds that are stored on the conveyor can be brought to the operator when requested. With the Retriever™, a single control pad can be programmed to operate several independent conveyors.

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Picture this: You are a box printing operation and you have thousands of customer dies for printing their logo or specific company information on the corrugated boxes they use. You have dozens of racks with dies on your shop floor taking up your valuable floor space. When you need to locate the customer print die, you have to waste operator time. PACLINE recommends getting these items off the floor and into the unused overhead space above machines and personnel. Each die can be hung from an overhead conveyor and the specific location of the die is then manually logged on a sheet or in a database. This arrangement solves the space and organization problem, but the operator still needs to operate the conveyor until the desired die reaches the floor level transfer point.

By adding the new Pacline Retriever™ to this same conveyor system, the operator can simply type in the location of the die, and the conveyor will begin processing and taking the shortest route to the location required. The Retriever™ allows the conveyor to stop and wait for the removal of the die before proceeding to the next ‘pick’. If you have multiple storage conveyors the controller makes the retrieval process simple. You can even “stack” several picks in a row by entering each number into the controller.

The controller in the PACLINE Retriever™ is a printed circuit board that processes the storage information and retrieval route. The numerical keyboard and command keys allow easy operator interfacing. The operator does not have to think hard about how the interface works, and can be trained in its use in a matter of minutes. The system is flexible to the application with many pre-programmed configurations in the unit.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy unattended retrievals; type in the number and press GO
  • Productivity gains by allowing the operator more time to do other things
  • Productivity gains by shortening retrieval times
  • Accurate storage and retrieval, no searching for items
  • Organizes your facility better
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The Retriever™ Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Typical applications for the RETRIEVER™ system:

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