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compact monorail enclosed track overhead conveyor easy to install

Enclosed Track Conveyors

The PAC-LINE™ Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor is a highly compact, medium capacity, chain conveyor with unique features to allow for maximum conveying flexibility in small spaces:

  • Low profile drives
  • Low profile track sections
  • Small radius rolled and hardened curves
  • Small radius sprocket turns
  • Small radius vertical curves, up to 90° if necessary

PAC-LINE™ Enclosed Track Conveyors are designed to handle 50 lbs. (23 kg) from single pendants, which are standard on 6” centers. Coupling two pendants with a load bar allows up to 100 lb. loads. Distributed loads up to 30,000 lbs. can be conveyed on a 600 ft. system with only one drive.

Other features of PAC-LINE™ enclosed track conveyors:

  • Modular track components ensure quick, trouble-free, onsite installations and modifications with reduced installation labor costs and minimized downtime.
  • Bolted track design for easy installation without welding.
  • All parts are zinc plated and heat treated to ensure full protection from wear and resistance to corrosive environments.
  • Low profile drive and track and tight radius curves on both horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Enclosed track prevents contamination from reaching chain and bearing surfaces for reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • Chain attachment points on 6” centers maximizes versatility of hanging products.

The PAC-LINE™ Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor is a proven performer with over 2 million feet of conveyor in use today. The PAC-LINE™ is best suited for “slot down” applications where the load is beneath the conveyor track.

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