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Automated garment conveyor for uniform and inmate property storage and retrieval

Garment Conveyors

The compact modular design of the PACLINE™ Garment conveyor allows for a variety of configurations to suit your specific needs. Our systems are excellent for uniform storage and retrieval, inmate property storage, retail garment display, residential closets and much more. 

Single track, one tier garment handling system.

Single Track, One Tier

clothing conveyor that runs from the floor to the ceiling.

Floor to Ceiling

Single track, two tier garment conveyor system.

Single Track, Two Tier

PACLINE garment conveyor can be custom designed and configured to any space.


Two track, two tier garment storage system.

Two Track, Two Tier

uniform conveyor system that has multiple enclosed tracks.

Multiple Tracks

Improved Safety For Operators

Enclosed track has no open sprockets or chain rollers, which protects operators from contacting the moving chain.

Highly durable garment conveyor

Curves are made of the same hardened steel used for industrial applications.

Compact appearance

Conveyor chain and drive units are fully enclosed giving your facility a clean professional appearance.


Compact track and tight radius curves allows for a wide variety of configurations. Curves available in 9″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″,  and 36″ radius.

pre-fabricated modular design for quick installation of garment conveyors.

Additional Functionality and Automation:

The Retriever™

Items are located and delivered via the shortest route. This automated storage and retrieval system can be programmed to operate automatically when the user swipes their ID tag or enters their tag number. It can also be operated by an attendant through barcode scan or manual key pad entry.

Quick Elevation Changes

The PAC-LINE™ Enclosed track conveyor can accommodate elevation changes up to a 45 degree angle. It becomes very easy to lift product up into the unused vertical space above your floor work area.

Easy, Low Cost Installation and Modifications

Due to the unique bolt together track design with no welding required.

Quiet Operation

Moving chain is enclosed in the conveyor track which reduces noises compared to other conveyor styles.

Modular, Pre-Fabricated Parts

All garment conveyor components are stocked and ready to ship.

Automated storage and retrieval system for garment storage.
Storage racks for garment conveyor systems.

Storage Racks
Available in 3, 5 and 10 slot options.

Dust shields for garment conveyors to catch debris from falling onto garments.

Dust Shields
This prevents dust and debris from reaching the hanging products below.

Bags for garment storage on a conveyor system.

Garment Bags
These can be ordered in a variety of sizes and styles. Contact PACLINE for more information.

Operator safety is essential for any Garment Conveyor System

The PACLINE™ enclosed track design eliminates dangerous pinch points common in other conveyor designs.

PAC-LINE enclosed track overhead conveyor offers safe operation.
Avoid open wheel dangers by choosing a Pacline overhead conveyor.

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