non-powered gravity over under conveyor to move parts for accumulation and buffering

Gravity Assisted Manual Conveyors

Low volume or “high mix” production products with relatively low value can result in a poor return on investment (ROI) when attempting to justify automation such as overhead conveyors. This poor ROI may necessitate the application of low cost material handling methods that employ gravity or operator assistance as the prime mover, or both. PACLINE has delivered customized systems and machines to satisfy those needs.

Standard overhead conveyor features:

  • Bolted connections on the PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor track combined with bolt together structure means little or no welding for quick and easy installation.
  • Enclosed track helps prevent operators’s fingers coming in contact with the moving chain.
  • These units are quiet and virtually maintenance free.

Typical applications for Gravity Assisted Manual conveyors include:

Gravity Assisted Manual Conveyors

Over/ Under Gravity Conveyor System  

A low cost, non-powered, space saving conveying alternative for the accumulation and transfer of parts between two work stations.  A conveyor chain inside the track will separate parts to a preferred distance, and allows all parts to flow at the same time.  The empty return carriers travel over the top of the loop.  This manual conveyor can be pushed or pulled by an operator to advance a part forward, or in some cases gravity can cause the parts to flow forward.

Gravity-Zip Trolley Conveyor

Offers a low cost, non-powered, space saving conveying alternative for the accumulation and transfer of parts between two work stations.  Instead of a chain inside the track, each part hook will be connected to a four wheel trolley inside the track.  This allows each part (or empty hook/ trolley) to move independently, by gravity, from the load point to the unload point.  The empty hook/ trolley can be returned to the load point by moving it around a 180 degree curve and then gravity carries it.

Material Transfer Cart with Docking System

Manual, four wheel trolleys are used to carry loads and run within an enclosed track. The track can often be pitched to take advantage of gravity, and fit with stops as needed. Four wheeled mobile transfer carts can “dock” with the fixed accumulation lanes. With the twist of a lever, parts can transferred to the cart. The cart can then be pushed to point of use or to another accumulation buffer point. Adjustable structure is designed to accommodate a wide variety of parts for future programs.

Two methods of accumulation:

  • Rails can be monoplane with latching trolleys
  • Rails can be slightly sloped allowing gravity to help accumulate parts

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