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Heavy Duty Enclosed Track Conveyors

PACLINE’s PAC-MAX™ is a high-capacity, enclosed track chain conveyor designed for stability in conveying heavy duty loads of up to 220 lbs. from a single pendant. This conveyor has a unique cross shaped track section that allows for “slot-up” (inverted), “slot sideways” (side-loaded) or “slot down” applications.

In the “slot up” (inverted) position, the PAC-MAX™ replaces the typical spindle conveyor, where the load is carried above the conveyor track, yet it offers more functionality such as:

  • Capability to incline and decline at up to 45 degrees
  • Each drive can pull up to 1,000 feet of chain
  • The conveyor chain is protected from contaminants due to the enclosed track design


Other features of the PAC-MAX™ high capacity conveyor:


  • Largest track cross-section in the industry for added stability in carrying heavy loads.
  • Enclosed track conveyor design prevents paint, dirt or other contaminants from getting to the chain which reduces maintenance costs and prolongs chain life.
  • The unique cross-shaped track section allows the slot to be configured in any orientation such as inverted and side-loaded. This may be important for high-level sanitary or  high-quality paint and finish applications.
  • Bolted design, no welding required for simple and low cost assembly.
  • Modular track components ensure quick, trouble-free, onsite installation and modifications with reduced labor costs and minimized downtime during reconfiguration or maintenance.

The PAC-MAX™ heavy duty enclosed track conveyor is capable of carrying 220 lb. loads from a single hanging point. Larger loads of 440 lbs. and 880 lbs. can be supported by two and four trolley load-bar arrangements respectively.

Typical heavy duty conveyor applications include:

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