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Here is a partial list of our PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor parts.  Use these pictures as reference only to help identify the part(s) you require and contact us using the form below. If you do not see the part you are looking or are interested in a part for a different model of overhead conveyor please contact us and we will try to assist you. If you have any questions or need clarification you can reach our Parts Department directly at 1-800-955-8860 Ext. 604 or e-mail us at


Overhead Conveyor Components

Round Track Overhead Conveyor Chain with Rivets

Part No: PAC-LINE™

Round Track Conveyor Chain with Rivets, 10 ft. Long

T-250 Straight Track Long sections overhead conveyor part

Part No: T-250

Straight Conveyor Track, 10 ft. or 5 ft. Long sections

TF-240 Track Flange

Part No: TF-204

Track Flange

TI-265 Track Inspection Section

Part No: TI-265

Track Inspection Section

Overhead Conveyor Part Horizontal Curves

Part No: HC-101 – HC-605

Horizontal Curves

Overhead Conveyor Vertical Curves Outside Slot

Part No: VC-200 – VC-605

Vertical Curve

(Outside Slot)

Overhead Conveyor Vertical Curves Inside Slot

Part No: VC-200 – VC-605

Vertical Curve

(Inside Slot)

D-500 Drive Unit overhead conveyor part

Part No: D-500-2000

Drive Unit

TU-601 Take-Up Assembly

Part No: TU-601-607

 Take-Up Assembly

L-275 Drip Type Olier

Part No: L-275

Drip Type Olier

Overhead Conveyor Supports

TH-210 Low Profile Track Hanger Clamp

Part No: TH-210

Low Profile Track Hanger Clamp

TH-200 Track Hanger Clamp

Part No: TH-200

Track Hanger Clamp

TH-300 Track Hanger Clamp with Sleeve

Part No: TH-300

TH-300 Track Hanger Clamp with Sleeve

Overhead Conveyor Attachments

TL-250 Four Wheel Trolley

Part No: TL-250

Four Wheel Trolley

(For Manual Line)

SW-406 Heavy Duty Swivel

Part No: SW-406

Heavy Duty Swivel

DS-975A Dust Shield

Part No: DS-975A

Dust Shield

RC-705 Rotating Carrier

Part No: RC-705

Rotating Carrier

RC-706 Sprocket Rotator

Part No: RC-706

Sprocket Rotator

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