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Pacline carries Unibilt power and free conveyors

Power and Free Conveyors

For asynchronous conveying,  PACLINE’s enclosed track Power and Free conveyors are some of the most versatile power and free conveyors in the industry due to compact design and ability to carry loads in “slot down” or “slot up” (inverted Power and Free) orientations. Important features include:

  • 24″ radius vertical curves, smallest in the industry
  • Low profile track sections, only 5.4″ high
  • 24″ radius horizontal curves
  • Combination free trolleys that allow as little as 7″ c-c accumulation
  • Smallest switches in the industry; a single merge/diverge combination switch is only 30″ long
  • Two trolley/load bar arrangement and four trolley/load bar arrangements available for heavy loads.

Other features of the PACLINE Power and Free conveyor:

  • Bolted track design for easy assembly without welding.
  • Modular track components ensure quick onsite installations and modifications with reduced installation labor costs and minimal downtime.
  • Free trolleys have “flippers” that allow the conveyor to be inverted for sanitary applications or clean paint lines.
  • A simple drive dog design utilizing an inexpensive cast piece can be inserted into the chain on as little as 8″ c-c. More dogs on closer centers results in quicker release and shorter cycle times.
  • Trolleys in accumulation are in minimal contact with drive dogs resulting in quieter operation.
  • Combination “wheelturn/ takeup drive” saves time and money.

The Unibilt Uni/Uni has the maximum capacity of 250 lbs. per trolley, 500 lbs. per two trolley/load bar arrangement) and the Unbilit Uni/3” has the maximum capacity of 750 lbs. per trolley, 1500 lbs per two trolley/load bar arrangement).

The S-310 Power and Free Conveyor has a 200 lb. load capacity per trolley, 400 lbs. can be supported from a two trolley/load bar arrangement, and a load of 800 lb. can be supported from a four trolley/load bar arrangement. The S-320 Power and Free Conveyor is very similar to the S-310, utilizing the same powered chain but with twice the free trolley capacity (400 lbs. per trolley, 800 lb. per two trolley/ load bar arrangement).

Power and Free conveyors are well suited for applications such as:

  • Paint lines where products need to be routed to multiple spray booths or where accumulation in an oven or elsewhere is advantageous
  • “Live” overhead storage of products, where high density is key
  • Assembly lines where non-synchronous movement is required

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