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Power and Free Conveyor Installation and Maintenance Manual

This video was prepared to work in conjunction with our manual. Click the quick links to the left of the video to be directed to any specific area in the video. The combination of the video with the manual will enhance your instructional training for installation and maintenance of your Power and Free Pacline conveyor.

Please download your copy of our PACLINE Power and Free Conveyor Installation and Maintenance Manual.

Quick Video Reference Index
(click times to go to specific sections)

2.1 Chain0:52
2.2 Inline Drive Unit1:18
2.22 Wheel Turn Unit2:45
2.24 Torque Limiter2:19
2.3 Take-Up & Expansion3:28
2.4 Track Sections3:33
2.5 Air Stop Unit4:03
2.6 Track Divert Switch4:50
2.7 Lubrication Unit5:05
2.8 Free Trolleys6:15
2.9 Spare Parts7:44