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Pacline Robotic Carton-Loading and Automated Trash Removal Solutions for Distribution Centers and Warehouses

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Automation and Robotics, News, Press Releases

Published on, November 2023

In line with the industry’s push for heightened accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, Pacline is proud to introduce its robotic carton-loading solution, seamlessly integrating Pacline overhead conveyor systems with robotics.

For distributors and integrators this new solution promises a cutting-edge technology to introduce to customers. The loading of empty cartons or totes to moving monorail conveyors automates a task that is traditionally repetitive, labor intensive and prone to inaccuracy. Pacline uses robotic loading to monorail conveyors to drive reliable rates and significantly reduce labor costs.

Robotic loading of empty boxes to an overhead conveyor for warehouse and distribution center solutions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient Robotic Loading: With vacuum-gripping end effectors, our robots can integrate with both automated and manual carton erection processes. The inclusion of a motorized drive roller (MDR) conveyor ensures single carton delivery for fast and reliable loading.
  • Flexible Design: Tailored to manage various carton sizes, Pacline’s robots can handle multiple pick and place points, loading onto common or specific carriers.
  • Safety: Pacline’s robotic solutions are equipped with safety cells and access doors that uphold or surpass industry standards. Operator entry into the cell for regularly scheduled maintenance is protected by a “request to enter” feature that safely pauses robot operation.
  • Upgrade Capabilities: Current users of Pacline empty carton or tote delivery monorails can upgrade to a robotic loading solution with potentially minimal alterations to their existing layouts.
  • Automated Trash Removal: With our Robotics and Automation expertise, Pacline offers smart trash carton removal solutions. This add-on enables automatic identification and transfer of specific cartons from monorail carriers to a belt conveyor for either disposal or recycling.
pacline robotic empty box loading systems

Distribution centers and warehouses aiming for a competitive edge will find Pacline’s robotic carton-loading solution an invaluable addition to their operations.

For inquiries or further details, distributors are invited to contact our team at Pacline or visit to learn more.


pacline robotic empty box loading systems and automated trash removal for warehouses and DCs


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