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Conveyor Solutions and Applications

Overhead conveyor systems for automating painting and industrial finishing operations.

Paint and Finishing Conveyors

A wide selection of overhead and floor mounted conveyor systems are available for finishing processes including cleaning and pre-treatment, powder coating, wet spray painting, dip lines, plating and E-coating applications.

Overhead conveyors deliver empty cartons to order pickers in distribution centers

Empty Carton and Tote Handling

Overhead chain conveyors can increase productivity cost-effectively in warehouses and distribution centers by automating the delivery of empty cartons and empty totes to operators on the floor.

Overhead conveyor provides live storage and parts buffering between manufacturing operations.

Parts Accumulation and WIP

An overhead conveyor is an excellent solution for close-packing and storing a quantity of parts between processes. Systems are designed to maximize the use of floor space as well as the unused overhead space.

Overhead conveyors for automotive assembly lines and other manufacturing assembly lines.

Assembly Lines Conveyors

PACLINE offers conveyors designed for synchronous or asynchronous (power and free conveyors) handling of parts for assembly lines. Standard and custom carriers are available for your specific parts requirements.

Automotive Conveyor System Solutions Pacline

Automotive Conveyors

Pacline conveyor systems can be engineered for various automotive applications such as transferring parts between weld cells or workstations, storing or buffering parts, painting, curing and assembly lines. 

lost-wax investment casting systems

Investment Casting Conveyors

Overhead conveyors are an excellent solution for handling and curing ceramic mold shells in Investment Casting applications. Pacline offers different conveyor types depending on the capacities that may be required.

Automated carton delivery system for produce packing operations

Produce Packing Conveyors

In fruit and vegetable packing houses, a PACLINE overhead conveyor system can help improve the speed and efficiency of your packing operation while maintaining the necessary sanitary conditions.

Overhead conveyors for garment automated storage and retrieval

Garment Handling Systems

PACLINE’s garment handling conveyor system is compact and safe for applications such as: inmate property storage, coat checks, uniform storage and retrieval and many more garment handling needs

Conveyor with automatic dumping device to remove corrugated vendor cartons in distribution centers

Trash Handling Conveyors

Simple, bolt together overhead monorail conveyor systems designed to move vendor cartons and other trash out of the pick module in warehouses and distribution centers.

Robotics integration solutions with overhead conveyor systems

Robotics Conveyor Integration

Robotics can be used to automate the handling of products in conjunction with a Pacline conveyor system for an automated solution package that will increase efficiency and productivity within a process.

micro-fulfillment solutions using overhead conveyors


Pacline offers brick and mortar retailers and grocers who are interested in micro-fulfillment solutions a cost-effective system that can be easily implemented in a timely manner without much modification to their existing store.

Conveyors for moving plants in greenhouse growing operations.

Greenhouse Conveyors

PACLINE overhead conveyors have been used to handle plants and food crops in greenhouses and warehouse growing operations. Conveyors are a key component to ensuring a completely controlled and automated environment for these indoor growing facilities.

Creative display conveyors for retail stores, restaurants, bars and casinos.

Creative Display Conveyors

PACLINE conveyors can help attract attention and entertain in the retail consumer environment. Our conveyors have been custom designed for use in retail stores, restaurants, casinos and sports venues.

Conveyors for theme parks, theaters, TV sets and special effects.

Entertainment Industry Conveyors

Pacline has provided many innovative solutions for handling material on movie and TV sets, live theater and even in theme parks where the conveyors must withstand the harsh outdoor elements of weather.

Conveyors handle wood furniture items through paint finishing processes

Woodworking Conveyors

Overhead conveyors and towline floor conveyors designed for wood shops and woodworking applications such as product assembly lines, parts buffers, stain and paint finishing.