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Overhead conveyor for retail store and restaurant displays.

Creative Display Conveyors

PACLINE overhead conveyors have been used to keep things moving in a wide variety of commercial, retail, restaurant and entertainment settings. From animating background scenery in a museum to moving sleds in a water park or carrying motorcycles overhead to create a unique dining atmosphere in a restaurant, the experienced engineers at PACLINE can help make your decorative overhead conveyor ideas a reality.

Architects, store front display designers, special effects professionals, theater and film set designers have all employed PACLINE conveyors to entertain, attract attention, or just create a unique and animated atmosphere on their particular project.

Decorative Overhead Conveyor Gallery

Creative display conveyors for retail stores, restaurant themes, movie and theater sets…and whatever you can imagine

  • PACLINE’s unique conveyors are highly versatile; we offer the widest variety of vertical and horizontal curve sizes.
  • Most creative displays utilize our PAC-LINE™ enclosed track conveyor that is lightweight compared to other designs.
  • Large selection of finish options:  standard zinc-plating, stainless steel for exterior use or powder coated finish in all colors.
  • Objects on conveyors can be made to rotate with ease.
  • Our engineers can recommend standard or custom-designed carriers as required.

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