robotic loading on an overhead conveyor

Robotic Loading for Overhead Conveyors

Automation and efficiency are the two key driving factors in any industry, and it is especially so when it comes to distribution centers and warehouses. With the use of robotics during the loading process of carton delivery you can easily increase the efficiency within a warehouse. With the installed sensors the automated robots can load the empty boxes or totes on an overhead conveyor with accuracy and steady pace.

Automated Carton/Box Loading with a Robot

PACLINE’s empty carton and/or tote conveyor systems can be used for:

  • Delivering empty cartons/totes to picking and packing areas
  • Removal of trash cartons to automatic corrugated baling systems
  • Recycling of empty boxes and totes
  • Combination systems: delivery of new empty cartons while simultaneously removing trash cartons using the same conveyor

Robotic Tote Loading with an Overhead Conveyor


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