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Garment handling conveyor for storage and retrieval of costumes, bridal gowns and other hanging garments.

Garment Handling Conveyor

Storage and retrieval systems for a wide variety of garments

PACLINE offers enclosed track garment conveyor systems that can be configured to handle almost any hanging garment and can be installed in virtually any space requirement. This automatic storage and retrieval system can also be used to handle other hanging items such as printing dies, artwork for museums and other items that require cataloged storage and on-demand retrieval.

Monorail conveyor for garment storage

Full length gowns weighing up to 80 lbs in Bridal Salon storage area.

Monorail overhead conveyor for garments

Clothing transported to second floor and multi level conveyor storage area.

Garment storage conveyor system

Floor to ceiling storage and retrieval for Theater Costumes utilizes minimal floor space.

Key features of The PACLINE™ specialty garment handling conveyor:

  • Highly efficient use of space due to the tight radius track curves and ability to handle quick elevation changes.
  • Bolt together track with no welding required makes installation and modifications easy and cost effective.
  • Each dual pendant rack can handle a load capacity of 100 lbs per foot.
  • Dust shields are easily incorporated to protect garments and hanging items from dust and debris.

Operator safety is essential for any Garment Handling System

The PACLINE™ enclosed track design eliminates dangerous pinch points common in other conveyor designs. This is an extremely important consideration for garment handling systems where the hands and fingers of the operators can come in contact with the track and moving chain.

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