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Conveyors transport plants in vertical growing warehouse facility.

Overhead Monorails for Order Fulfillment in Warehouses and Distributions Centers

Conveyors for Greenhouse and Warehouse Growing

Growing plants in an indoor and controlled environment is becoming an important new industry in virtually every part of the world. Whether you are growing food crops for consumption or decorative plants for indoor or outdoor landscaping, indoor growing requires transporting plants, systematically, to the right place at the right time. Greenhouse conveyors can add tremendous efficiency to this process by speeding up the handling of plant materials and also by freeing up greenhouse workers for more skilled functions in the growing operation.

Overhead conveyor automates the movement of plants from the load area in a greenhouse.

This PAC-LINE™ conveyor is designed to automate the movement of plants from the load area, through the growing and watering areas, and onto unload and shipping. This system allows the greenhouse to grow hanging plants on 2-4 levels while providing equal sun exposure for all plants.

Enclosed track conveyor system for handling hanging plants in greenhouses and growing operations.

This conveyor test-loop was used to demonstrate the functionality and versatility of the PAC-LINE™ enclosed track system for handling hanging plants in greenhouses and growing operations. The PAC-LINE™ system is highly efficient – an 800 foot system uses less energy than that required to power a blow dryer!

Vertical hydroponic growing system using an overhead conveyor.

This vertical, hydroponic growing system utilizes a floor supported PAC-LINE™ conveyor and transports hanging bags for growing leafy greens and strawberries. The conveyor track is zinc coated to prevent rusting and corrosion in the greenhouse environment.

PACLINE offers a number of conveyor types that provide cost effective, automated plant handling systems:

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