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Storage and retrieval conveyor system for inmate property bags.

Inmate Property Storage Conveyors

Property Storage for Correctional Facilities

Inmate property storage systems are an important and mandatory requirement of all Correctional Institutions in North America. PACLINE’s automated garment handling conveyor provides an efficient and highly economical storage and retrieval system for inmate property. The PACLINE garment conveyor system is compact and versatile can be installed in virtually any space. It can be floor mounted or ceiling supported and installed to utilize the overhead space, leaving the floor clear or on multi levels to double the capacity for storage.

A floor to ceiling conveyor system for inmate property storage.

Floor to ceiling system with folded garment bags.

Two tier conveyor system for inmate property storage allows double the capacity in the same space.

Two tier system doubles the capacity in the same space.

Overhead conveyor can handle heavy inmate property bags - up to 50 lbs.

Track handles heavy property bags 50lbs per pendant (100lbs per rack).

Full length garment bags can be handled in compact areas with an overhead conveyor system.

Full length garment bags handled in very compact property storage area.

Automated storage and retrieval system for inmate property storage.

Automated garment bag retrieval from key pad controller or through various data input options.

Key features of the PACLINE conveyor for inmate property storage systems in detention centers:

  • Bolt together, modular track design means installation and modifications are quick and easy – no welding is required.
  • Developed for industrial use, all Pacline equipment is highly durable to ensure years of trouble free operation.
  • The RETRIEVER™ automated storage and retrieval system allows operators to retrieve multiple indexed bags.
  • System can be designed to accommodate all types of garment bags
Officer loading inmate property onto overhead conveyor system.

Operator safety is essential for Property Storage Systems

The PAC-LINE™ enclosed track design eliminates dangerous pinch points common in other conveyor designs. Our overhead conveyor is designed with the moving chain moving inside an enclosed track. There are no yokes with wheels or sprockets. The PACLINE conveyor design also allows for easy installation in overhead areas or small spaces to further minimize human contact with any moving parts to prevent possible mishaps.

PAC-LINE enclosed track overhead conveyor offers safe operation.
Avoid open wheel dangers by choosing a Pacline overhead conveyor.

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