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Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows

Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows

We offer several types of overhead conveyors for doors and windows. If you have doors or windows that require painting, staining or preparation for any type of finishing, there are a number of special considerations you should make in selecting the type of conveyor or handling system that best suits your application.

The finishing of doors and windows poses certain concerns that must be addressed. PACLINE’s enclosed overhead conveyor systems can address these problems by ensuring proper storage and handling of awkward doors and windows, resulting in a higher quality overall finish.

Finishing Doors and Windows

Door and Window Handling Challenges

PACLINE Overhead Conveyor Advantages

Product is typically tall, heavy and can be awkward to handle. Some units contain glass.

Less operator handling.
An overhead conveyor can move products through various processes from sanding or surface prep to painting and curing on one continuous loop to increase efficiency reduce the amount of operator handling required.

All surface areas require exposure to finish to ensure uniform moisture exposure and dimensional control.Better access to product surfaces.
A wide variety of hangers and carriers, such as automatic rotators, are available to allow for better access to the numerous surfaces involved with doors and windows.

Product should be handled in a clean environment free from dirt, water and mistreatment.

Proper handling requires the product to be lifted or carried when being moved, not dragged across one another or across other surfaces.

Saves floor space and reduces contact.
Using carts or belt-style conveyors takes up considerably more floor space and can cause unnecessary dragging or contact. Overhead conveyors for doors and windows utilize unused overhead space to transport the product, leaving the floor uncluttered and free for operator ingress / egress.
Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows

The PAC-LINE™ compact conveyor is designed to make the most efficient use of space. Large doors and windows are able to travel around very tight curves and steep inclines as needed to move in and out of ovens, paint booths or around existing equipment.

Power and Free Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows

The PACLINE Power and Free conveyor can be used to transport window frames of various sizes through the paint process. Track switches allow product to be indexed off-line in between multiple finishing processes.

Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows long

PACLINE overhead conveyors for windows and doors will increase efficiency by automating the handling process. Suspending the product on a continuous loop increases productivity by reducing the amount of man power needed.



Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows finishing

PACLINE’s door and window finishing conveyor reduces handling marks by eliminating various point of contact throughout the process, giving the product a more perfect blemish-free finish.

Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows Shutters

Awkward window shutters are hung from an overhead conveyor for transport through multiple stages of the paint finishing line.

Overhead Conveyors for Doors and Windows Carriers

Custom carriers on enclosed track conveyors efficiently handle doors and windows through this automated wet spray paint system. Various size frames and doors can be handled on the same conveyor loop.

Key features of the PACLINE conveyor for handling doors and windows:

  • Bolt together, modular track design means installation and modifications are quick and easy – no welding is required.
  • Enclosed track keeps the product, working space, and chain contamination free.
  • Zinc plated track resists water corrosion and can ensure chemicals used during the various phases of the finishing process.
  • A variety of hooks and carriers can be designed to suspend any particular window and door. 

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