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Overhead conveyor delivers empty cartons in fruit packing house.

Fruit and Vegetable Packing Conveyors

Fruit and vegetable growers often pack a variety of produce at one facility. PACLINE systems with custom carriers allow packers to choose from multiple carton sizes as needed in the packing process. Utilizing PACLINE overhead conveyors to help reduce labor costs and increase profits.

Produce like cherries are highly perishable and need to be packed out quickly and carefully. PACLINE can enhance your current operation by supplying an overhead conveyor that will deliver empty boxes to your packers to improve speed and efficiency while maintaining the sanitary conditions required.

Produce handling conveyors:
Automated carton delivery for fruit and vegetable packing

  • Overhead conveyors are the most cost effective and flexible conveyors available.
  • They can be routed to incline, decline or wind around equipment easily and without additional drives.
  • Bolt together track connections with no welding make installations quick and easy.
  • Conveyor can be ceiling mounted to leave the floor area free and clear.
  • Or, if needed, the overhead conveyor can be installed to run over the packing line and floor equipment.
  • Cartons are carried over packing equipment in unused overhead space.
  • Various drip trays can be added to maintain the sanitary conditions required in food packing.

Benefits of Using an Overhead Conveyor in Packing Houses:

  • Saves space by loading directly onto overhead conveyor eliminating the need to stage cartons.
  • No need to build an expensive mezzanine over packing area which then needs lights/sprinklers/etc. and creates congestion over expensive sorting machines.
  • Each operator can access more than one style of carton.
  • Keeps pallets and the associated rodents and bugs out of the sorter/packing area.
  • Keeps forklifts out of the sorter/packing area.
  • Can allow the use of a large carton forming machine and only one person required to load.
  • Reduce the time needed to walk to multiple chutes therefore can save on labor time/operators.

Conveyors for Fruit and Vegetable Packing

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