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Robotic Integration with Pacline Conveyors

Pacline offers robotic integration as an add-on to our conveyor systems. In conjunction with Pacline’s conveyors, robotics can be used to fully automate the handling of products, and thus increase reliability and uptime while controlling labor costs.

Depending on the product being handled and the process, various robotic End of Arm Tools can be used to automate the loading or unloading of the product from the conveyor system. Pacline provides customized EOATs and automation control panels. In addition, Pacline can integrate an automated material handling solution for existing equipment in a facility.

Pacline Engineers will work with customers to determine the most efficient solution, including which type of robot to use, the ideal conveyor path through the facility, and the necessary integration between the robotics and conveyor system, saving customers time, money, and space by optimizing their process.

Contact Pacline to speak with one of our engineers about a custom robotic solution for your warehouse.

Automated Material Handling Solutions

automated warehouse overhead conveyor solutions

Carton/Tote Loading

Load empty cartons or totes to a moving overhead conveyor with reliable rates and reducing labor costs.

Alternative and cost-effective solution for power and free conveyors

Power & Free Alternative

Solutions that create “Power and Free” functionality while using multiple synchronous conveyors.

loading parts onto overhead conveyor for a paint and finishing process

Parts Loading/Unloading

Load/unload robots that can handle a wide range of parts to automate manufacturing and finishing processes.

Pacline robotics integration with overhead conveyors

Pacline Robotics & Automation Offers

  • A dedicated facility for automation projects
  • Industrial or collaborative robotic applications
  • Full robotic cells with guarding and access doors
  • Designing and building automation control panels
  • Customized End of Arm Tools (EOATs)
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs), prototyping, and developing proof of concept
  • Electrical and mechanical installation, and commissioning of automated solutions
  • Site and go-live support throughout North America during commissioning, buy-offs and Site Acceptance Tests (SATs)
  • Detailed training and documentation for operators and maintenance staff


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