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Overhead Monorails for Order Fulfillment in Warehouses and Distributions Centers

Automated Material Handling Systems

Utilizing Overhead Conveyors and Robotics

After over four decades of helping our clients with specialized overhead conveyor solutions, Pacline is introducing material handling automation add-ons for the loading and unloading of our conveyors. 

Overhead conveyors provide tremendous advantages in utilizing unused overhead space, freeing up floor space by reducing cart and forklift traffic, and routing parts through tight spaces and high-temperature environments. However, the loading and unloading of overhead conveyors is traditionally handled by human operators, and this can be a repetitive task, which opens the door for inefficiencies. 

Pacline’s world-class automated material handling systems are custom-tailored to your facility and provide an extra layer of material handling automation that can give our clients peace of mind, along with a competitive edge. 

Pacline Material Handling Automation Solutions: 

Automated material handling system for empty carton robotic loading onto a Pacline monorail conveyor
Alternative and cost-effective solution for power and free conveyors
  • Empty Carton Loading: Automates the loading and delivery of empty boxes, enhancing efficiency and consistency in packaging processes
  • Part Loading: Tailored for the automotive sector as well as finishing applications, this solution automates the loading of various parts to an overhead conveyor, ensuring precision and handling care. 
  • Conveyor-to-Conveyor Transfer: Streamlines the transfer of items between multiple overhead conveyor systems, crucial for complex processes in large-scale manufacturing facilities. This provides an alternative approach to Power & Free conveyors. 
  • Vision-Based Smart Unloading: Integrates advanced vision systems for accurate and efficient unloading and sorting of items; for instance, smart identification and removal of trash cartons from overhead conveyors. 
Pacline has diverse automation solutions customized to your automated material handling needs. Our automated material handling solutions not only enhance efficiency but also significantly improve safety and reduce labor costs. By integrating overhead conveyor systems with robotics, we offer a seamless, highly efficient workflow that optimizes your operational space and processes. We welcome you to explore our automation solution pages and contact our experts today to discuss your specific application.  


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