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overhead conveyor with robot integration

Automated Carton Loading onto Monorail Conveyors

Accuracy, efficiency and cost-reduction are some of the key driving factors in distribution centers and warehouses. Pacline’s robotic solutions can help you precisely load empty cartons or totes to a moving monorail (overhead) conveyor with reliable rates while reducing labor costs.

Robotic loading of empty boxes to an overhead conveyor for warehouse and distribution center solutions.
Empty carton robotic loading onto a Pacline monorail conveyor

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient Robotic Loading: Pacline’s robots, equipped with vacuum-gripping end effectors, seamlessly integrate with automated or manually-built carton processes. A motorized drive roller (MDR) conveyor enables single carton delivery, ensuring fast and reliable loading.
  • Flexible Design: Pacline’s robotic solutions are engineered to accommodate a variety of carton sizes. Whether it’s loading different cartons onto a common carrier or specific carriers, our design can handle multiple pick and place points with ease.
  • Validation through 3D Modelling: To accurately estimate loading rates, Pacline generates 3D models of the robotic loading cell, followed by a thorough robot simulation study. This process ensures accurate validation during the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and a burst rate test at the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) stage.
  • Safety Measures: Our robotic solutions integrate safety cells with access doors that meet or exceed industry automation standards. Operator intervention is limited to inspection and maintenance, with the robot safely halting operations upon entry request.
  • Seamless Upgrade Capabilities: If you already have a Pacline empty carton delivery monorail, adding our robotic loading solution may require minimal or no changes to the existing layout, subject to review.
  • Automated Trash Removal: Our Robotics and Automation department can design smart, automated trash carton removal solutions. This added feature will help remove specific cartons from monorail carriers onto a belt conveyor for disposal or recycling.

Robotic Box Loading with an Overhead Conveyor

Experience a new level of accuracy, efficiency, and cost reduction in your warehouse with Pacline’s robotic solutions for empty carton handling.


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