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Robotic parts loading and unloading onto an overhead conveyor

Robotic Parts Loading and Unloading onto Monorails

Monorail conveyors can be used to carry a wide range of loads, with weights ranging from a few ounces to several hundred pounds! Heavy/bulky parts can be difficult to load onto the conveyor as well as unload from the conveyor.

Traditional methods to handle the loading/unloading of these parts include:

  • Two or more operators manually performing the load/unload
  • Using a forklift operator, with possibly a standing operator, to ensure alignment
  • Using a lift assist device such as a hoist or manipulator, being utilized by an operator

Repetitive manual handling of heavy parts can sometimes lead to operator injury. And while the use of forklifts and lift assists can mitigate injuries, it can also create visibility issues while loading/unloading parts or can result in equipment damage if improperly used by operators.

For this reason, Pacline supplies and integrates load/unload robots that can handle a wide range of parts. By using a robot and avoiding the use of operators for loading/unloading altogether, injuries are completely eliminated and load accuracy and repeatability are increased.

Examples of Automated Part Handling Applications

Adaptable Loading/Unloading in Manufacturing

Challenge: A manufacturing operation might require a pre-determined set of part geometries to be loaded/unloaded onto a conveyor.

Solution: Pacline can design a robot end effector that automatically adapts to all part geometries within the set using a sensing solution. This allows for efficient and flexible robotic parts loading/unloading onto an overhead conveyor.

Robotic part loading onto overhead conveyor for paint and finishing solutions

Robotic Part Handling for Paint and Finishing

Challenge: In a paint and finishing operation, there might be uncertainty regarding the geometries of parts to be handled, and a wide variety of parts could be hung from a rack with a fixed design.

Solution: Pacline can design a common carrier or rack suitable for carrying all future part geometries. Instead of handling the parts directly, the robot can manage the carrier or rack loaded with parts. This ensures versatile and efficient handling regardless of part variety.

Innovative Solutions for Robotic Part Loading/Unloading

At Pacline Conveyors, we are not just about moving things from point A to point B; we’re about evolving and revolutionizing material handling. We integrate state-of-the-art robotics with our conveyor products to offer a seamless, cost-effective, and simplified material transfer system.

Get in touch with us today and discover how we can automate your material handling processes with our robotic overhead conveyor solution.


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