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Conveyor removes corrugated carton trash in warehouses and distribution centers.

Overhead Monorails for Order Fulfillment in Warehouses and Distributions Centers

Trash Handling Conveyors

PACLINE’s enclosed track overhead conveyors are a cost effective means of moving vendor cartons, carton flaps, or other trash out of the pick module. The PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor system can easily transport trash to a disposal area located elsewhere in the facility. Better yet, combine the functions of delivering empty cartons or totes to the pickers while simultaneously removing trash on a single overhead conveyor system, and you will easily justify the purchase of your PAC-LINE™ conveyor system. The conversion is easy. Simply mix empty cartons or tote carriers with a dumping carrier and dumping device and increase your payback potential.

Cardboard Trash Removal Conveyors

  • Conveyor offers an ergonomic and cost effective means of transporting trash to disposal area.
  • Modular conveyor track components reduce installation labor costs and ensure quick, trouble-free installation.
  • Standard conveyor design features include incline angles ranging from 15 to 45 degrees depending on the carrier and load.
  • Enclosed, round track design prevents dirt from reaching the chain and bearing surface and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Safety guarding (used when load is conveyed over operator’s head) is easily attached to the conveyor using PACLINE guarding frames.

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