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Round Part Finishing Solution with Sprocket Rotators

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Articles, Paint and Finishing

serpentine conveyor track with sprocket rotators

The Pac-Max™ is a great alternative to chain-on-edge (COE) conveyors for part finishing operations. Pacline recently provided a system to a coatings company that improved their part finishing quality and maximized their oven square footage so that parts were only required to pass through once, which significantly reduced the total operation time.

Sprocket Rotators

Pacline’s sprocket rotators are especially good for parts that are cylindrical in shape and allow for part rotation while going through finishing processes to ensure even coatings. We offer non-powered and powered sprocket rotator variations. For this recent customer, the rack which is used to rotate the parts on the carrier is static. As you can see in the video below, the customer was able to achieve a slow, efficient rotation at paint spray stations to achieve precise finishing on their lightweight, round parts.

Conveyor Track Height
Another advantage of the floor-mounted Pac-Max™ is the track height. In this recent installation, the track height is 20” from the floor to the centerline of the chain which allows for ergonomic finishing operations. It also allows you space to be able to maintain the drive but is low enough that the part would be at a good height to paint

non-powered sprocket rotators
floor mounted conveyor with sprocket rotators

Maximize square footage of the oven with multiple curves
Pacline engineered a system that allowed the customer to have 94’ of chain in the oven. The serpentine track layout allowed for 94 minutes of cure time in the oven (1 foot per minute) so they did not have to go through the oven twice. Therefore, utilizing the maximum square footage of the oven.


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