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Commercial Tent Rentals & Sales Limited is the largest established tent rental company in Eastern Canada. As Atlantic Canada’s leading supplier of tents, their inventory ranges from sizes suited to a backyard barbecue for family and friends to a sit-down dinner for thousands.

They contacted Pacline after they saw a similar system Pacline had installed at another facility and wanted to duplicate it at their own. Essentially, they wanted to automate their tent drying process as their current process was to manually dry the tents and place them on clothing lines that hung throughout the facility.


The Challenge

The system needed to be ceiling hung with no floor supports. However, the facility had a sloped roof which meant the conveyor system needed to be hung from the highest point down to operator height (lowest point on system). Pacline was able to accommodate the long 27’ foot drop by breaking the supports into 2 different sections thus in the end not needing any floor support.

Overhead Tent Conveyor

Ceiling supports to clear up floor space

The Solution

Pacline installed a 700-foot PAC-LINE™ enclosed track conveyor system to automate their tent drying process. The new process allows tents to be cleaned in an industrial washer then placed onto the conveyor system from the load point by an operator.

Once the tent is placed onto the system it is moved up into the ceiling area to air dry, which takes approximately one day. When the tents are fully air dried, they are brought back down using  to the unload area which is located by the dock door. Operators can now utilize the floor space underneath the conveyor, which was obstructed by clothing lines before.

The Results

Commercial Tent Overhead Conveyor

Tents of a variety of sizes being air dried

Pacline was able to increase Commercial Tent Rentals & Sales Limited’s productivity and efficiency through automating their manual tent drying process and thus reducing operator walking time. As well the ceiling hung tent drying conveyor system allowed them to free up valuable floor space that was taken up by their previous manual process.







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