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In-Floor Towline Conveyor Improves Wood Finishing Process

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The Challenge

An architectural millwork company realized a need to improve workflow through their paint and finishing area and contacted Pacline for assistance.  Their process at that time included the use of carts to manually move wooden parts through the stages of finishing, including sanding, spraying, curing and finish coating.  The carts were being moved many times causing workflow obstructions and wasted labor. 

in-floor towline conveyor for woodworking

The Solution

Pacline engineer worked with the customer to confirm the system requirements as well as to share the conceptual layouts. The layout of the conveyor path was coordinated with the customer’s spray booth, oven and other processing areas. The final layout design was approved by the customer and met the project objectives. 

The wooden parts are carried on carts that are attached to an in-floor towline conveyor. The carts are pulled through a sanding area, then through a paint booth. After painting, the carts move through a serpentine area for flash off, prior to moving through a curing oven.  To reduce the length of the curing oven, the conveyor doubles back through the oven then moves the carts to an unloading area.

The Result

The installed conveyor system helped control the overall process flow while reducing labor, improving throughput, and reducing handling damage. The Pacline customer was able to install the conveyor using a local qualified contractor.  

Pacline offers flexibility in the scope of supply, providing only equipment, as in this case, or complete turn-key conveyor solutions.


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in-floor towline conveyor for wood finishing
towline conveyor for woodworking
wood parts being carrying on a towline conveyor