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Pacline Customer Videos

Through these customer produced videos you can see the many ways that PACLINE conveyors have helped automate operations for a wide range of industries.

WestAir Gases & Equipment

In WestAir’s new faciliaty a PAC-MAX™ overhead conveyor is used to carry their gas cylinders through their repair and maintenance processing line.

Polymer Technologies

Polymer Technologies uses a PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor to carry their .polyurethane foam mold through their production line.

Jim Beam Stillhouse

See how Jim Beam uses the PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor to transport and display personalized bottles of bourbon to customers at the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse.

Aether Apparel Store

This retail application truly shows how versatile our conveyor systems are. To maximize space, the Aether team incorporated a custom-built conveyor that spans three floors.

Speedrack Midwest

Speedtrack Midwest uses a PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor for Empty Carton Handling and Corrugated Carton Trash Removal in this large distribution center.

Kids Cavern Toy Store

Pacline conveyors move giant toys overhead in this ‘over the top’ children’s store – Kids Cavern in Macau China.

The Hudson’s Bay

The Hudson’s Bay uses a PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor to produce a creative storefront marketing display for Father’s Day.

Bomb Girls on Global TV

On the production set for the Bomb Girls TV series, Pacline Overhead Conveyors were used for bomb delivery between paint and manufacturing stages.

Certor Sports NFL Helmets

When Certor Sports moved their production of NFL helmets in-house, they used the PAC-MAC™ slot-sideways in their painting process to paint the helmets.

Alpine Slide

Take a virtual ride on the Alpine Slide at Winter Park Coloradro. The PAC-LINE™ enclosed track conveyor is used to transport sleds to the top of this exciting summertime sled run.

Hyundai Commerical

Hyundai TV commercial – no gasoline was used in the making of this car ad – but PACLINE conveyors were.

Mountain View

Take a ride a through Mountain View’s packing house and see how they use the PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor in their packing operations to box their freshly grown fruit.

Danich – Dan Integral Chile

This showcase of Danich’s specialties includes the PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor as part of the integrated solutions they provide for produce packing. 

Monson Fruit Co.

This cherry packing operation at Monson Fruit Co. uses PACLINE overhead conveyors to deliver multi-size cartons to the packers (go to 2.13 min)

Valcent Vertical Growing

See how to grow large quantities of high quality plants in the desert or on top of a building – take a look at this High Density Vertical Growth System that use Pacline conveyors.