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Overhead Conveyor Basics Videos

These videos will help you learn more about the Basics of Overhead Conveyors.

Overhead Conveyor Speed

Depending on the type of conveyor, the maximum speed can go up to 60 FPM, to as slow as 1 FPM or less. On almost all our conveyors we use a variable speed controller to allow you to dial the speed in to make it faster or slower as your desire.

Overhead Conveyor Basics

This video contains a basic overview of the PAC-LINE™ enclosed track overhead conveyor, a highly compact chain conveyor.

Types of Overhead Conveyors

Introduction to various overhead conveyor track styles. Enclosed track, power and free, i-beam, inverted, synchronous and non-synchronous.

Overhead Conveyor Load Bars

Pacline overhead conveyors utilize load bars across multiple chain pendants to distribute heavier loads and extend chain life.

Overhead Conveyor Rotators

Pacline Overhead Conveyor rotators allow for simple rotation and control of parts in paint lines, finishing processes or product assembly.

Power and Free Conveyor Basics

Power and Free conveyors are characterized by a two track system (power track/free track) where the loads hanging below the conveyor can start, stop independently or move at different speeds.

The Retriever™ for ASRS

The Pacline Retriever™ is a simple human machine interface (HMI) that can be used to convert any standard powered overhead conveyor into an ASRS machine.

How to Install a PAC-LINE™

This Solidworks video shows how a PAC-LINE™ Overhead Conveyor is installed.

Methods for Hanging

Common methods for ceiling hanging Pacline overhead conveyors include hanging from open web steel joists or attaching to structural I-beams.