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Pacline Factory Acceptance Tests

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Automation and Robotics, Blog

Pacline Factory Acceptance Test for automation and robotics integration

What is a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)?

For automation projects, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is conducted at Pacline’s factory to verify the performance of the automation cell before it is shipped to your facility for installation. The test ensures that all customer design requirements are met while adhering to safety standards. 

FAT Process at Pacline

During the Factory Acceptance Test, Pacline replicates site conditions and use cases over an extended period in order to identify and address potential improvements. Ensuring safety while meeting production rates is Pacline’s primary consideration. The FAT is the final phase before equipment is dismantled and shipped to your facility for the Pacline crew to install.

Pacline has a dedicated Automation and Robotics building where Factory Acceptance Tests can be conducted. The system is set up in an open shop area to replicate the configuration of the facility the system will be installed in. During this test phase, we ensure all the system specifications are met and make any changes or enhancements if required by the customer. 

During the FAT, Pacline will typically integrate and test robots, end-of-arm tools, robot pedestals, guard fencing, gate switches, control panels, HMIs, sensors, and all the required cables. Tests are conducted “at rate” with actual customer products and a fully functional conveyor system.  

Once everything is working as required, the entire setup is dismantled and shipped to the customer’s facility to be installed. 

Pacline Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for automation and robotics systems


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