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What is a Towline Conveyor?

Dec 11, 2012 | Blog

On floor or in floor towline conveyor system carts have rotating top platens

A towline conveyor can be used in a wide variety of applications where it is advantageous to carry the product on a mobile cart. Some products are considered “unconveyable” due to their shape, configuration or size. A typical example would be large four-legged furniture items.

The PAC-TRAK™ from PACLINE utilizes mobile carts, normally with a rotating top, onto which the item to be conveyed is placed. A variety of floor-mounted conveyors are used to propel the cart through the process, depending on the loading, speed and preferred configuration.

The Towline Conveyor system can be designed with on-floor or in-floor tracks. On-floor conveyors are attached to the floor surface without trenching. In this case, plant personnel must walk over the track, and forklifts will not be allowed to drive in the area of the conveyor. The drive unit may be situated in a “pit” or mounted above the floor. If mounted above the floor, provisions must be made where the cart crosses the conveyor path.

 woodworking towline conveyor


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towline conveyor for woodworking

Other Towline Conveyor Features:

  • A Standard 4-wheeled cart is propelled by a drive chain.
  • Towline track can be in-floor or on-floor mounted with minimal cross-section height.
  • Top platens can be custom designed based on the size, shape and weight of the item being conveyed.
  • Platens can be rotated manually or automatically for close packing.
  • Reliable conveyor chain used with ball bearing wheels instead of “link” chain to reduce maintenance.
  • Finishing lines
  • Assembly lines
  • Wood industry – for large or awkward items that need to move through the production and finishing process, the Towline cart provides a convenient means of holding, conveying and rotating the wood item.