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Why Choose an Enclosed Track Conveyor?

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Articles

Think you don’t need an enclosed track? Think again!

enclosed track conveyor prevents overhead conveyor chain contamination

In recent years, industries has been shifting from traditional I-Beam overhead conveyors to enclosed track conveyor designs. An enclosed track overhead conveyor consists of a chain running within a round track, such as our PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor. Loads are suspended from the chain pendants that stick out of the slot of the track. Some enclosed track conveyor styles such as our PAC-MAX™ can also be inverted.


An advantage of the enclosed track design is to prevent contamination of the conveyor chain. The enclosed track protects the chain against build-up and residue that could ultimately cause damage. For example, you can see in the image below of our enclosed track conveyor used in a heavy duty powder coating system. This is extremely important to maintaining the life span of an overhead conveyor system. Imagine the image above was an I-Beam style conveyor with exposed chain and track, the difference would be easy to see!

There are other advantages of an enclosed track conveyor such as:

  • lower cross section height
  • finger pinch points are reduced with internally running conveyor chain
  • prevents contamination of the products below
  • smaller radii on horizontal and vertical bends
  • some designs allow an inverted “slot up” position with minimal or no modifications

While there are still some applications such as carrying very heavy loads that would benefit using an I-Beam style conveyor, the advantages an enclosed track can offer are superior. Particularly in the paint and finishing industry where product and chain contamination are a great concern.

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